Top 10 most educated tribes in Nigeria

With over 370 tribes in Nigeria, it is hard to judge which community has the biggest number of educated people. The government does not count and report such statistics. Still, it is so interesting to know what is the most educated tribe in Nigeria, isn’t it?

Educated tribes in Nigeria

We have created a list that doesn’t have a specific order. These are just 10 tribes that come from all over Nigeria. Once again, this is just our ideas and we hope that our readers can offer their own views regarding the most educated state in Nigeria and the most educated people.


This community is one of the biggest in Nigeria. There are many farmers and traders among Igbo people. It is believed that this tribe is very educated. By the way, many representatives of this tribe love to gain new knowledge, self-develop and implement creative business ideas into life.

Yes, Igbos have many businesspersons among them. There are even sayings that there is nothing good in places where you don’t meet Igbo businessmen.


This tribe is also one of the biggest in the country. Many of its representatives get high job positions, become professors, and reach other educational heights.

Yoruba people often become top managers and lead the companies.

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