Men, if you wear jeans, avoid these common mistakes

A Cropped Jeans. This is extremely tricky to pull off for men. [Photo/menstye]
Most people think that fashion is only for women. Please note that this is a stereotype in society. As a matter of fact, Fashion is also for men.

Some men do not focus much on fashion as long as they are dressed up. Jeans are an integral part of every man’s life but there are mistakes they make when wearing them.

Here are the common mistakes you should avoid when wearing jeans:

When wearing straight jeans, avoid wearing them too high and baggy; remember this type of jeans gives the knee and ankles a breather.

It is in a straight cut where the width of the hem is straight from the hip to the ankle. Wearing the jeans high and baggy makes the crotch look weird and to avoid that; always make sure your waist is the right fit as your neck.

It needs to be wrapped around your pelvic bones and be straight fit at your ankles.

If you have skinny jeans, make sure your palm can fit between the thighs for easy movement and to feel comfortable. Remember that if you forcefully wear it, then you will probably feel uneasy and even some body parts may be harmed as a result of heat and squeezing effect.

For those who like the Cropped Jeans, avoid shortening it so much since it should be slightly above the ankle. This is because these jeans are risky to pull off.

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