This is what happens if you sleep in nylon underwear after $3x

Nylon underwear is known to trap some moisture
It is not recommended to sleep in nylon underwear after sex. The nylon underwear is not breathable and can cause more harm than good when worn to bed after a steamy session with the man in your life.

According to a Kansas-based gynecologist, Dr. Leslie Page, this underwear is known to trap some moisture.

The increased accumulation of moisture will make you be more vulnerable to yeast infections.

“After sex, your skin tends to be warm and damp, thanks to perspiration, vaginal secretions, and semen,” Page says.

The doctor further recommends that women should consider sleeping nude after having sex with their partners.

The vagina needs to breathe hence removing your underwear will give it room to breathe well while you rest.

“The vagina likes to breathe. So, go nude or stick to cotton pants after sex,” adds Dr Page.

The gynecologist further advised women to avoid using soap on their vaginas whenever they take a shower after sex.

Dr Page notes that the use of soap can lead to vaginal dryness and irritation.“The vagina is a self-cleaning organ, and needs to be treated very, very gently — if you wouldn’t put it in your mouth, you shouldn’t put it in or around your vagina,” said Dr Page.

The next time you take a shower after having sex, simply rinse off using plain water.

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