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This country will fast more than 20 hours a day during #Ramadan

Muslims all over the world are fasting during Ramadan. The holy month is observed across six continents and spans time zones in every corner of the world.

Fasting hours differ considerably, with some countries fasting for as long as 21 hours, while some fasting less than 11 hours a day.

Even with fasting hours lengthening over the month, current statistics show that the country with the longest fast is Iceland, clocking in nearly 21 hours (20 hours and 17 minutes), from 2:27am for Fajr till 10:44pm for Maghrib.

Finland and Greenland come in second with 19 hours each, with a difference of four minutes (19:25, 19:21, respectively), followed by Norway and Sweden (19:19, 19:12, respectively).

On the other end of the spectrum, the country with the shortest fast is Chile, clocking in a mere 10 hours and 33 minutes. That’s a difference of 10 hours and 44 minutes from Iceland’s time!

Other countries with less than 12 hours a day of fasting are New Zealand with 11 hours and 35 minutes, and South Africa with 11 hours and 47 minutes.

Brazil and Australia tied for fourth place at 11 hours and 59 minutes exactly!

The UAE, in comparison, clocks in nearly 14 hours and 52 minutes.

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