Airtel data plan for Android 1000 for 3gb

We would like to present you new Airtel data plan for Android. This is the latest bundle from well-known telecommunication company in Africa and Asia. The data plan is available for Nigerians who use the services of Airtel. Get to know more about it.

This Airtel data plan is intended for those who just like to surf the internet, download music, watch videos and so on. You will know the important details of this bundle and Airtel subscription code. Please, pay your attention that Airtel 3GB for N1000 isn’t set up on eligibility or qualification. It operates on all Airtel SIM cards and also work on only blackberry devices.

Possibly, you are subscribed to the Blackberry plan that offers 3GB for N1400. However, now you have a great opportunity to use 3GB for N1000 because the telecommunications company have subtracted N400.

Airtel subscription

How to buy data on Airtel? Actually, this process is easier than you think. To subscribe Airtel data plan for Android 1000 for 3 GB you just need to follow these two simple steps:

Firstly, recharge 1000 Naira;
To subscribe use Airtel subscription code for 100 – *431#.
Please note: if you want to check the remaining amount of megabytes or gigabytes, you can verify your data balance by dialing *140#.

Well, if you have a mobile device, there is a good reason to subscribe to this Airtel data plan. Moreover, it’s cheapest.

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