5 Strange Excuses African Men Give For Cheating

One thing about being a cheating partner is that there actually isn’t any moral excuse to back up such act, but just to satisfy one’s conscience one can come up with excuses to cheat.

5 Strange Excuses African Men Give For Cheating

Men try to give excuses for their acts but to be honest, cheating is cheating and there really isn’t any excuse to back up such an act.

I would share some of those unpardonable excuses men give to cheat or when caught cheating


If a man is caught in the act, one impromptu lie he comes up with is “it was a mistake”; there can’t be a mistake in cheating; you weren’t under duress and there is nothing like being tricked into having se_x. Se_x is an act between two mature people, there is no trick to it and definitely no mistake. You might be sorry when caught, but that doesn’t make it a mistake, it was done on consent.


This is also another excuse I find really strange; no matter what a woman does, there is still no excuse for cheating on her. Men blame their women when they cheat with excuses like her attitude, poor or lack of sex, quarrels and the lot. Those are just flimsy excuses; it’s better to end the relationship if you feel it isn’t turning out right than cheat on your partner and still blame it on her

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